Oh glorious winter!

One of the best parts about being in Canada, is the fun we have in Winter! Here at Capra, qe are so lucky to have flexible work schedules, and that means getting outside in the daytime. This morning, it was a brisk -15, with a windchill of -25. But, the crispness meant that the sunrise was glorious, and plants with frost on them twinkled like millions of diamonds.


Getting outside is the best way to get through the long winters here. A few of the things we've been doing:

  1. Snowboarding: We can start work super early and spend our afternoons on the slopes. We're trying to go once a week.
  2. Snowshoeing: My personal favourite! Don't let that deep snow get you down. It's a great workout too.
  3. Cross-country skiing: Not done much of this yet this year, but now that the lake is frozen, I can get going! My skis are back-country so I can create my own trails. Although there's loads of groomed trails in the Ottawa area, I like to go with my dogs!
  4. Hiking: When the snow's packed down, it's just as good to get out.

I'm not a big fan of skating (my sensitive feet hate the pressure/tightness), but I think I've got enough to do!




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