Our focus is great design for great projects.

We love doing interactive work like websites, games and apps because we get to be involved in building what we design. For simple projects, we take care of all the development.

For bigger projects, we like to team up with talented developers, product managers and marketers as they plan and code up the project to make sure we keep our design vision intact.

We believe the best work comes from collaboration with other talented people!

Our process

Our process begins with creating simple paper prototypes and interactive wireframes that help both us and our clients plan and create content. We often build apps as we’re designing them, and we make sure they look great on mobile and desktop.

We work directly with developers to implement our designs right into languages such as ruby-on-rails, python, php, unity, .net, xCode and java. We are always experimenting with the latest tools to use the right solution for a problem.

We also like to review and improve our designs based on real-world testing. When real people are using our designs, we can further improve on the best practices we always implement upfront. We have long-term clients with whom we love to work with to achieve their goals and through testing, we have improved conversion rates and reduced confusion.

  • Web design
  • App design
  • UX design
  • Branding & print
  • Content management
  • Responsive design
  • Casual game design
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 with SASS/LESS
  • Jquery & Javascript
  • Ruby-on-rails
  • PHP (Wordpress)
  • Phonegap (mobile development)

Why Capra?

Capra is the Greek word for a category of mammals that comprises both wild and domestic goats. Goats are known to be intelligent, adaptive and playful, and just like them, we love to explore new technologies, explore new places and play games. While we don’t own any goats yet, we hope to someday!

The Capra Tribe

(Yes, “tribe” really is the plural form for goats!)

Ollie Kavanagh

Ollie is a rare designer: he is equally comfortable designing beautiful, elegant interfaces (with superb typography) as he is delving into the front-end code. A natural problem solver with over 10 years experience in both web and print, he eagerly takes on any challenge and works hard until he solves it. He is responsible for setting up processes for Capra’s technology. Ollie is constantly trying out new technologies to make his designs more beautiful and exciting.

Ollie is originally from England and has just immigrated to Canada! He is an avid Liverpool football supporter, has an unhealthy obsession with Nike trainers, loves DJing drum & bass, hip-Hop and house music, and hopes to someday become an expert snowboarder.


Kat Kavanagh

Kat loves coming up with new ideas. Her focus is on designing and building interfaces and games that are beautiful as well as engaging. With over 10 years experience in print and web design, she is obsessed with creating fun as well as clarity in her designs, and so user experience is always part of her process. She is also responsible for more of the business operations at Capra.

Kat is known for being incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about everything she does, and she pours this passion into creating great experiences for people. She has just returned to Canada after 8 years in England. She loves Canada’s great outdoors especially hiking with the family dogs, Kenny and Phoebe (and is currently training the dogs to become agility champions). She also loves gardening, sewing and snowboarding.


Our clients love us!

LOVE IT!! Seriously, it is like you are a mind reader and are able to deliver exactly what we want - when we don't (or at least I don't) know what I want!

Tabatha Soltay, TabTalks