Prototyping for CanUX

Prototype for the sheer joy of it always, but also to answer important design questions #earlyandoften -tnx for the reminder @kassy4 #CanUX



I spoke at CanUXthis past weekend. I got to teach people about the power of prototyping to solve difficult problems, and promote teamwork. And, I got to present a bit on how games in prototyping can help us be more open-minded, creative and productive. I went hands-on to show them that first ideas are often very common, and everyone loved it!

Just reinvented bingo for 3 with my friendly Vancouver colleague. And we did the same as nearly all the audience! @kassy4 #canux


Thank you to all those organizing CanUX. What a class act. Can't wait to do more speaking!

Here's a link to the pdf of my slides (unfortunately, you can't see my gifs!)

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