Prototyping with Refresh Ottawa

Proof in the prototype titlepage

Last night I was lucky enough to present at Refresh Ottawa and was blown away by how people engaged with the concepts I was presenting.

Prototyping is really fun, and I hope I've inspired a few people to open up their minds and work processes to it.

Since the world is inherently distorted by mental prototypes, we battled against our 'first ideas', while sometimes finding out that it is our preconceived ideas that are stopping us from being really innovative.

By prototyping, we can get people to 'see' what we mean, and discover the real problems with what we're doing before it's too late to make changes.

The real problem

And by searching out the real problem, I hope I've shown them that finding out, through rapid prototyping that something just doesn't work, is actually a really big win, not a fail.

Prototyping and craft supplies

We did arts and crafts and designed a new game. Thank you so much to everyone at Refresh Ottawa for letting me share my ideas, and for Shopify for hosting!

The slides

For those who asked, here's the slides. Unfortunately the pdf doesn't seem to accept the animated gifs. If you have any questions or want to talk to me more, please get in touch.

Download the slides (20mb)

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