Shrimps Matter!


A few days ago, I was lucky enough to help launch Shrimps Matter, a fun new board game to explore the interconnectedness of our oceans within an economic framework. Fish too much and you destroy the ecosystem. Others' actions affect your ability to be profitable.

I was responsible for the graphical vision of the game: I got to work on EVERYTHING from the logo, box and game pieces to the accompanying website (learn more on the portfolio Shrimps Matter on the portfolio) . Tabatha from Tabtalks and JP, the two games designers, are so smart and funny, they were so much fun to work with. The game was part of Ottawa Wavemakers with the support of Hub Ottawa and WWF Canada.

We designed the game to be both open source and also nicely printed. We sent out for some beautiful printed versions, in both French and English for the launch party. It was a full house with 5 games in progress at a time. It got noisey once everyone got into their strategies!



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